About Us

The Community and University Sustainability Partnership (CUSP) was established in 2015 under the direction of the Deputy President and Registrar to showcase how a university can become a role model for the transition to a sustainable future. The CUSP team is a multi-disciplinary, voluntary team of over 30 students and staff from across the campus and community partners all working together with the common aim of establishing the university as a leading institutional model for sustainability.  CUSP operates through a multidisciplinary board - the CUSP General Board. In September 2019, the University appointed a Community and University Sustainability Officer (CUSO). The CUSO reports to the Deputy President and Registrar and working with the CUSP General Board plays a lead role in the implementation of the NUI Galway Sustainability Strategy.

The University Sustainability Advisory Board provides strategic oversight of NUI Galway’s commitment to sustainability as detailed in the Strategic Plan, Sustainability Strategy and Sustainable Development Goal Accord. The CUSP Executive Board is a sub-committee of the CUSP General Board and represents the CUSP General Board on the University Sustainability Advisory Board. 

In April 2020 NUI Galway published its Terms of Reference which sets out the work plan and reporting structure of the CUSO, CUSP General Board, CUSP Executive Board and University Sustainability Advisory Board. More recently, the second‌ NUI Galway Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025‌ was launched.

Launch of the Community and University Sustainability Partnership - 2016

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